2013 Tour Dates
March 23 Ride Royal Blue Pioneer, TN
April 1-2 Easter Jeep Safari Moab, UT
May 17-19 Wilderness Trail Off-Road Park Pineville, KY
May 24-26 Ride Royal Blue Pioneer, TN
June 8 Dirty Turtle Off-Road Park Bedford, KY
June 11-13 Yamaha Event Las Vegas, NV
June 18-22 Turkey Bay OHV Area KY/TN
July 6 Trails End Campground & Motorsports Park Huntsville, TN
August 8-11 6th Annual Fisher’s ATV Reunion Patton, PA
September 18-23 Rick’s Motorsport Electrics Hampstead, NH
September 27-29 Wilderness Trail Off-Road Park Pineville, KY
October 12-13 Spearhead Trails St. Paul, VA

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Tour Details

Brian Fisher and the Fisher’s ATV World crew are taking the show on the road for 2013 with the new KEEPIN’ IT REAL Tour Bus with plans to visit several destinations throughout the United States.

This includes off-road parks, trail systems, and off-road resorts. The goal is to hit the trails and meet as many outdoor enthusiasts as possible.

You can bet Brian will be bringing the trailer with a few toys inside. The cameras will be rolling, so come join in the fun when the tour bus is in a town near you!